Who we are

We are a group of innovative digital loan providers leading the financial progress of European, Asian and African clients since 2009. To date, Aventus Group lending companies have issued nearly €4B in loans. Currently, Aventus Group companies are successfully running businesses in 17 countries.

Our team makes measured choices to drive sustainable growth and profitable business results for 15 years in a row. More than 3000 dedicated professionals make a difference in the financial field by running digital transformation and developing unique FinTech platforms.

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What we do

By combining the client-centric approach, risk management, and innovations, we make borrowing faster, easier, and hustle-free in countries where traditional financing tools are expensive or complex to come by.

Vision and mission

Our vision:

  • to be a leading innovator who shapes the future of digital lending;
  • to hold leading positions in European, Asian markets and Africa by increasing market share, introducing new products, and expanding geographically;
  • to become a top employer in the FinTech industry.

Our mission:

  • to create more value and opportunities for our clients, partners, employees, and society so they achieve prosperity and a brighter financial future.
We work with passion and a can-do attitude. We are opportunity makers in everything we bring to life every day
Delivering value to clients
No hidden clauses or fees. Everything from our client service to contracts and rates is fully transparent. Customers value our sincerity and trust us.
Efficient risk management
Continuous investment in innovative IT solutions helps us ensure efficiency and process quality, resulting in better offers to our clients.
Cross-market experience
Cross-market knowledge sharing allows us to grow and get better at fulfilling our clients’ needs across every market.
Privacy protection
Privacy protection is our key priority. We use cutting-edge encryption to keep clients’ data safe.
social responsibility
Social responsibility

At Aventus Group, we believe that caring about others who need our help is part of company success.

Operating in different markets, we are giving charitable support and spreading hope to children diagnosed with cancer, spinal muscular atrophy, and other serious diseases.

Aventus Group devotes a part of its profits to charity each year, mainly supporting charity projects in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Poland.

Within the last few years, Aventus Group donated over €1 million to charity programs dedicated to helping children diagnosed with cancer and other serious diseases.


Headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, Aventus Group operates in Poland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Moldova, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kenya, India, Mexico, Tanzania, Nigeria, Colombia, and South Africa.

IT hub with 150+ professionals is our driving force behind innovative and efficient IT solutions and FinTech integrations.

€210 M
the total loan portfolio (end of 2023)
€81.5 M
equity (end of 2023)
€222 M
interest income in 2023
€801 M
issued loans in 2023
6.6 M units
number of issued loans in 2023
€1+ M
charity for children with serious diseases
profitable business years
countries of business network

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Career at Aventus Group

We offer multiple career opportunities in the different countries we operate. Join our international team and unlock your potential for professional and personal growth.

Our team is our power and driving force
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