Joining satisfied investors on Aventus Group’s partner PeerBerry is the easiest way to invest in our business. This alternative investment platform exceptionally offers to invest in loans, issued by experienced market players, most of which are Aventus Group companies. PeerBerry is a company you can trust – its investors had no loss since the beginning of PeerBerry’s activities in 2017.

PeerBerry review on P2P Empire
Earn up to 11.5% ROI

PeerBerry is one of the leading investment platforms in Europe with an attractive return on investment and easy-to-use cutting-edge investment tools.

Invest at PeerBerry
Benefits you get
Maintain full control
PeerBerry Auto Invest tool will do the work for you. Unless, of course, you prefer investing manually, which is also very easy with us.
Start with as little as 10 EUR
We want to bring passive income to everybody so you can start by investing as little as 10 EUR.
Diversify your investment
Divide your funds up across the various loan categories like secured by real estate, leasing, and other types of loans.
Loyalty rewards
Invest and receive up to a 1% loyalty reward depending on the amount of your investment.
Buyback guarantee
All loans listed on PeerBerry are secured with buyback guarantee so the loan originator will buy back loans in full with accrued interest if a borrower is over 60 days late.
Additional Group guarantee
In case some loan originator will face financial troubles, additional Group guarantee will ensure additional protection. Additional guarantee together with the buyback guarantee works as double protection for your investments.
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