Our mission
Our mission

We make money more affordable. We provide convenient and fast financial solutions, including for those who have limited access to bank lending.

Likewise, we are expanding the range of financial services in emerging markets with high potential, meeting consumer demand in a segment that traditional banking structures perceive as too risky.

  • Take a leading position in the consumer online lending segment in all markets presence
  • Build a global financial institution
  • Become the best fintech employer
Our philosophy
Our philosophy

We work with people and for people. Our employees, clients, and partners are our priceless value.

We help people meet their financial needs. Therefore, the satisfaction of our customers is an absolute priority for us.

We provide modern, advanced, convenient and fast solutions for our users.

Our team is the best talents

  • We seek and nurture the best professionals in the industry.
  • With us, the best employees get the best motivation.
  • Our managers are empowered to independently make the most effective management decisions.
  • We support and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We build a “turquoise” organization based on trust and self-management.

Corporate social

We promote social values by systematically supporting charitable organizations and child-help-foundations to make the world a better place to live.

Our core values
  • Self-management and personal responsibility
  • Result orientation
  • Trust and honesty
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
Operating model
  • 01.
    All our companies operate as autonomously as possible, with minimal involvement of the head office, which, in turn, performs an advisory function.
  • 02.
    User-friendliness, manufacturability, and maximum automation are the main attributes of our success and customer satisfaction.
  • 03.
    We use a sustainable, proven business model in high potential emerging markets that includes short-term online lending as a starting point, which then evolves into sustainable long-term consumer lending.
  • 04.
    We focus less on volume than on profitability and efficiency.
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