Aventus Group achieved new milestones in October 2019

Aventus Group continue achieving impressive results. In October 2019 lending volumes by amount and by units have more than doubled comparing with the same month last year. 

In October 2019, Aventus Group companies in different countries issued loans worth 19,96 million Eur – it is 2,3 times more than in October 2018, when 8,59 million Eur were issued.

173,740 units of credits (including credits with prolongations) were issued in October 2019 – 2,44 times more in comparison with October 2018, when 71,348 units of loans were issued.

Net interest income of Aventus Group companies amounted 6,25 million Eur over the past month. It is 2,51 times more in comparison with the same period last year – at the end of October 2018 net interest income of the Group amounted 2,50 million Eur.

Summarizing the results of Aventus Group lending volumes, October 2019 was the next record-breaking month in a row, significantly exceeding results of previous months.

Briefly going through the results of the Group in different countries, it is worth to note that exceptionally good results were achieved in Ukraine. Companies in Poland and Kazakhstan also demonstrated very positive performance. Steadily grew up the profit of the companies in Russia.

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